MCGATTE GROUP SDN BHD was founded on 9th June 2016, as a Bumiputera company utilizing local talent with investment and technology from Germany.


Huber Special Project Planning Consultant Co. Limited, headed by Christian Huber, is really interested in building iconic infrastructure; such as unique Elevators, Cable Cars, and Towers in Malaysia.


MCGATTE GROUP SDN BHD, together with GBH Design GmbH and H2 South Tyrol, are planning new project developments in Malaysia.


Publicly Announced Projects:

  1. Selangor Skytrack.  A cable car development connecting Batu Caves – Bukit Tabur – Zoo Negara in Selangor,
  2. Batu Caves Incline Elevator: Phase 1 of Selangor Skytrack,
  3. Projek Menara Selatan, Tanjung Piai Observation Tower in Pontian Johor.



Expect more Publicly Announced Projects, soon.